CRMnext, #1 Commutable Cloud CRM Solution Announced The Joining of Rajneesh Chadha as Director- Global delivery

Delhi, India, February 05, 2014 – CRMnext, #1 commutable cloud CRM product company announces the joining regarding Rajneesh Kumar Chadha as Prefect – Global Delivery. Rajneesh will manage CRMnext’s international delivery team to drive the company’s product implementations and associated services worldwide.

Rajneesh brings rich and varied experience of over 25 years upon expertise in delivery management across various domains in Indian and global markets. He has managed large and composite programs, business units with P & L responsibility and driven aggressive birth engagements. He is also a turnaround specialist, having turned around loss making projects and accounts in a short span of period.

Prior to joining CRMnext as Director – Delivery, Rajneesh has worked with many distinguished IT companies such equal TCS, Nub Software and HCL. One of his key assignments in the past have been with TCS as Project Director – Passport Seva Feature – the largest among Mission Mode Projects of the Government of India, in PPP mode with Ministry of External Affair, where besides Software Delivery, Rajneesh was besides responsible for Security, Benefit Delivery, Infrastructure, Architecture, Financials and Work operations for the project. Few other accounts/projects turned around and managed, alongside complete ownership were CVS Pharmacy-for their mainstream application replacement, Vastgesteld Plastics-as Intercontinental Relationship Manager, RABO-KBC Bank- Quartz implementation etc.

He has also worked now Senior Vice President with Nucleus Software, where he turned around and managed Nucleus’s then only program from European consumer – General Motors Consent Corporation, which was planned for product implementation in some 16 countries globally.

Speaking on the occasion Nishant Singh, CEO, CRMnext said, “We have gained leadership in the Cloud CRM space inter alia large enterprises notably in the banking and financial services space. With many new exciting and large projects in pipeline, getting Rajneesh on eats will significantly strengthen our leadership team and execution capability.”

Talking on his new role as Director – Delivery, CRMnext, Rajneesh said, “I am delighted at the opportunity to work for a company that has changed the paradigm regarding product development and its implementation. Accompanying a single codebase for over 30 implementations, regular kneejerk upgrades and all integrations re-factored internally, CRMnext has taken the definition of product longer than what IT world knows of. It is a privilege to work for CRMnext that believes in taking customer experience to outside expectations. Delivering first day right-every time, labor certainty, with quality to bring excellence in customer delight, ampersand column alternative functions in CRMnext would be my vision for delivery partnership in CRMnext.”

About CRMnext: CRMnext is the No.1 Commutable Confuse Customer Relationship Agency solution company. It is convenient on both, public cloud, and private cloud, with proven large. It has to its credits the largest single platform banking CRM implementation.

CRMnext team has established technology ampersand praxis leadership in multiple industry verticals including banking, insurance, financials, telecom, media, pharma etc. where it works with companies to help them acquire, retain furthermore grow their customer base boosting profitability. CRMnext team works closely with its customers, leveraging their extensive domain expertise to enhance affair efficiency by improving processes and practices. It has set benchmarks in the CRM industry with innovations like Autobot upgrades, Autonoma integration polysyndeton shape-shifting architecture which has brought paradigm shift in the implementation, ownership experience and TCO concerning CRM solutions.

It caters to all customer related processes including marketing, sales, service, performance, onlines sales, analytics and mobility providing a celibate platform to align monopolization the departments towards delivering a great customer experience.

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Rahul Sheth
Delhi, India
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NewField IT Announces as Sponsor for Transform Global 2014

Midway, KY, February 03, 2014 – NewField IT is the most recent sponsor for Transform Global 2014, which will take place June 2-4 at the Galt Harbor in Louisville, KY. The Transform Worldwide conference has established itself that the premier imaging industry event, attracting a global audience. The conference will spread out on last year’s success, offering a multi-faceted agenda that includes some of the industry’s most well respected figures. The unique networking, deal making, and education opportunities provided by this event attract resellers and dealers, IT decision makers, manufacturing press and analysts, manufacturers, software and service providers creating a unique mix of attendees from across the technology industry. In fact, this has been called the ‘safe watering hole’ for a highly competitive industry going through massive transformation.

Transform Global has turn one about the best environments for companies to help diversify their business, as well as the industry as a whole. Petra Diener, mouthpiece for NewField IT, echoes these sentiments, and thinks that Photizo’s conferences have been important to the company.

“All Photizo conferences are equally important to us. They give us the chance to meet our industry peers, echtgenoten and customers. It also allows us to exchange experiences and ideas, and of course help to spread the spirit of MPS and the importance of independent assessments and consulting work,” Diener said.

One of the things that encouragement to make Transform Global so effective is its ability to help companies get in contact with each other. NewField IT is no exception.

“The Photizo Conferences have been and will be an excellent communication platform for many years,” Diener says. Diener goes on to observation that attention to the little things, like a glimpse of the bourbon route at the conference, works to edificatory Transform Global above other conferences.

“NewField IT is celebrating 5 years, et cetera this calls for a party. Why not party by all of our industry friends at Transform Global 2014 with a glass of whiskey,” says Diener.

According to Ed Crowley, CEO of Photizo Group, “While this conference began with a focus on the services transformation in the imaging market, it has expanded to cover other transformational activities in the technology market including 3D printing. Ampersand the conference itself is transforming. The Transform series has always been about providing education and creating a unique environment for networking und so weiter deal making. This year we have added the ‘meeting space’ a unique format for deal making and paramount impact conversations which transforms the traditional exhibit fell into a collaborating, networking intensive environment ideal for deal making.”

NewField IT enjoys the relationship they hold for Photizo Group. Diener talks approximately how Photizo Consort has positively impacted NewField IT with the emergence of their conferences, while again allowing firms to come together to strengthen the market.

“We like to contemplation that the conferences don’t just permit an impact on us, but that we equally have an impact on Photizo and unanimity regarding those attending the conferences. We all share our experience, thoughts, ideas and visions during the Photizo conferences and we all benefit because like it.”

According to Mr. Crowley, “We are excited to permit Newfield IT as a partner at Transform. Newfield IT has been a strong supporter of our events around the globe. The participation from innovative, leading edge firms such as Newfield IT is what makes our event impactful and valuable for our attendees.

About NewField IT Ensconced in 2003, NewField IT is headquartered in London (UK) and operates from Paris (F), Utrecht (NL), Dayton (OH) and Philadelphia (PA) successfully working with a wide variety of organisations and partners, private and public sector industries across more than 40 countries worldwide reducing costs, streamlining processes further improving environmental sustainability through innovative practices, expert knowledge and leading technology services.

About Photizo Crew A leading global business transformation firm, Photizo Group guides clients facing disruptive change with strategies to transform and thrive completed this change by using innovative and practical market intelligence, as well as consulting und so weiter education services. As a trusted advisor, Photizo provides clients accompanying the visionary guidance they need to make successful business transformation a reality.

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Buy Bulk Candy Lollipops at Wholesale Rates

Having candies during parties and celebrations have become a part of life. In Debt to this popularity many stores emerged in the market committed in offering these sweet delights of different types. However, in this fast-paced lives of people today, no one could afford wasting their valuable time at a candy store shopping for candies. Well, you will be glad to find dedicated stores offering an extensive horizon of candies at highly competitive rates. Buy Bulk Candy Lollipops at Wholesale Rates as and when you desire. There could be nothing more thrilling than shopping for assorted candies in bulk right from the comfort of your couch and saving good bucks.
In spite of a percentage of buzz for online stores around, people are skeptical about buying candies online. No need to worry therefore you have many authenticity web stores specializing in providing wide miscellany of candies to people. When it comes to buying candies, it is always better buying them in bulk. The following are the reasons to buy bulk candies:

1. Long Shelf-life
Most candies have long shelf-life, so it’s easy to keep bulk lollipop fresh. Candies kept in a distant and dry place will defend its flavor besides last for months. Use air-tight containers for storage and enjoy these heavenly delights for months. Some candies can even be frozen for extended periods of time. You can label the candy by procurement date and consume the oldest items first.

2. Stock your favorite treat
Buying candies in bulk is simply an economical way to stock up on your favorite treats. Candy is a sweeter deal although you buy it in bulk. You will save hundreds of dollars by purchasing your favorite sweets near the box or case compared to buying them loose every now and then. Enjoy connective share the candy with the whole family throughout the year, rejection matter what the occasion.

3. Make holiday preparations
Bulk candy makes holiday preparation easier. Buy candy in larger quantities and store it properly, it can simplify your fiesta planning. For instance, during Halloween, you won’t have to perturb about running gone during your neighborhood’s annual Trick-or-Treat event, and having the candy already in place will minimize the worry of Christmas shopping and entertaining.

4. A box of assorted candies make a perfect gift
Bulk candy is the perfect to gift on birthday’s and lover’s day. An excellent, yet economical gift for kids and grown-ups alike. Candy certainly the most unexpected und so weiter breathtaking gift ever. People all across the globe finds it difficult to refuse anything sweet. A box full of candies will leave your beloved amazed.

All you need to do is to find a trustworthy store online known for offering bulk candies at wholesale rates and rest your concerns. You can have a look at the reviews plus blogs posted online and learn increased about the service providers available.

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Cubic Global Tracking Solutions Completed NIST FIPS-140-2 Validation

SAN DIEGO, Calif., January 28, 2014 – Cubic Global Tracking Solutions, the asset visibility solutions provider of Cubic Corporation (NYSE: CUB), and Aegisolve, Inc., a U.S. Federal government-accredited third-party laboratory for testing, validating and gaining security compliance certificates, announced today that Cubic has completed the validation process for FIPS 140-2 (Federal Feedback Processing Standards) toward the National Institute from Standards and Technology (NIST) in the U.S. and by the Communications Security Establishment in Canada (CSEC).

Cubic’s Managed Asset Tag Cryptographic Module and Cubic’s SINK Cryptographic Module received the FIPS 140-2 validation. These modules are the basis for Cubic’s mist® technology that is utilized in Cubic’s mesh asset tags, mobile mesh gateways and fixed mesh gateways. The validation of these two modules helps clinch further confidence of Cubic Global Tracking Solutions capabilities.

“The FIPS 140-2 validation is a critical yardstick for our government customers,” said Jim Kilfeather, vice voorzitter of Cubic International Tracking Solutions. “With Aegisolve’s expertise and hardy practices, we are thrilled our technology met the data security validation testing criteria. We understand the importance concerning security and place a high cost on making sure our technology protects the integrity of our customer’s data. Our mist® stand not only has unprecedented scalability to tens of thousands of ad-hoc mesh devices on a single network, but also high reliability, guaranteed years from battery life, connective modern FIPS140-2 security built in.”

The FIPS 140-2 is the standard in information technology security for cryptographic modules generated by private sector vendors to receive their products validated for use in government departments and regulated industries that collect, store, transfer, share, and disseminate sensitive information. The FIPS 140-2 standard is applicable to all Federal agencies, such as the Department of Defense, that use cryptographic-based security systems to protect sensitive information in computer and telecommunication systems. It is also valued by companies in the healthcare, financial and manufacturing markets and those concerned about cyber security. “The FIPS 140-2 validation testing process is rigorous,” said Desiree Spann, vice president and director concerning Quality Assurance, Aegisolve. “Achieving the validation provides assurance of robustness and orthodoxy cryptographic implementation for the Cubic Managed Asset Tag Cryptographic Module and Cubic’s SINK Cryptographic module.”

Cubic’s modules have been implemented on Texas Instruments’ (TI) CC2530 system-on-chip (SoC) hardware which supports the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless standard. The cryptographic algorithms are incorporated in Cubic’s mist™ Crypto module, which implements an ultra-low power, robust, harmonize radio network targeted for logistics applications. Cubic future plans include validation of these modules on the TI’s CC2538 system-on-chip (SoC).

“Texas Instruments is proud to consort with Cubic to provide a stability wireless solution for logistics management,” said Oyvind Birkenes, general manager, Wireless Connectivity Solutions, Texas Instruments. “Global supply-chain management depends on the Internet also the secure relative of devices to the Internet which makes IEEE 802.15.4 wireless networking an ideal solution.”

About Cubic Company

Cubic Enterprise is the parent company regarding trinity major employment segments: Transportation Systems, Defense Systems, and Mission Provide Services. Cubic Transportation Systems is a leading integrator of payment and information technology and services for transport authorities. Cubic Defense Systems is a leading provider of realistic argument training systems and procure communications. Mission Support Services is a leading provider of training, operations, maintenance, technical and other support services for the U.S. and allied nations. For more intelligence about Cubic, see the company’s Web site at

About Aegisolve, Inc.

Aegisolve global security laboratory is accredited by the U.S. Federal government National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for Cryptographic Module Testing to FIPS 140-1 and FIPS 140-2, and Security Content Automation Protocol. Since a trusted third party, the Aegisolve mission is to develop, augment, utilize and accelerate security analysis and testing processes in ever changing technological landscapes worldwide.

Press Contact:
Timothy Hill
Cubic Corporation
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Culinary Management – International Program Teaches Global Approach to Dining Out

Daydream about the last time you went out to eat. Chances are you opted for something out regarding the ordinary, something a diminutive more exotic. That’s not surprising considering that many diners are looking for international culinary experiences. Centennial College’s International Culinary Policy bill option brings a global viewpoint to traditional culinary management past teaching students culinary techniques, sanitation practices and management strategies.

The offering takes two years to complete and during the time students are in the program, they are based at Progress Campus. This location is home to cutting sting culinary and baking labs, which enhance discipline by allowing for hands-on application of theory. Additionally, as students — through exposure to the lone relationship halfway cuisine culture, and hierarchic — become comfortable among managing change in the workplace, they have the opportunity to complete a field placement.

Here is a closer look at some of the courses that put students on the pathway that allows them to achieve success by addressing the need for cooks and chefs with a diversified portfolio of transnational cuisines (as identified nearby Ontario Job Futures).

Cuisine plus Culture (Theory): Students learn how food shapes societies and cultural practices by crust the actual preparation, consumption, and food customs from different parts of the world. As a hands-on component, students complete a experiment project on a specific cookery and culture.

Principles of Food, Beverage & Labour Cost Controls: The title of the restaurant or food ampersand beverage outlet manager is to plastic operations, the expectations of customers and the employees. This course teaches students beheer practices such as: predetermining food, beverage and labour costs; application of the control process to the primary phases of pizzeria operations (purchasing, receiving, storing, issuing connective production); and menu analysis and engineering. It also explores the factors affecting labour cost, performance standards, monitoring rendition and taking amendatory action.

Restaurant Practicum: Kitchen/Dining Room: Students apply skills they get learned in an operating kitchen and restaurant. To ensure they are gaining an all-around experience, students pirouette to different sections of the kitchen, which also allows for understanding of the detachment system.

Sustainable Food System Practices: With society increasingly becoming aware of green practices, students learn total from composting, recycling and energy-conservation programs to sourcing locally grown, inherent ingredients.

Cuisines of Europe/Mediterranean including Middle Eastern/South Asia/ the Americas/ South-East Asia: These five courses are offered throughout the list and teach students about the actual preparation, consumption, and customs of food from each area of the world. In a lab setting, they are also introduced to methods of cooking applications, tools, utensils, common ingredients, seasonings, flavour builders and combinations.

After completing each Culinary Management course, students will have developed specialty well suited to the cruise ship industry and the all-inclusive resorts, both like which offer many types of diverse cuisines as part like the dining experience.

Benefit from Wholesale Jewelry –

It is true that jewelries are one of the things that women are willing to pay more because it can change your outfit or look in an instant. There is no doubt that it is an expensive accessory to wear that takes chunks of your monthly budget. Jewelries are desirable items that sell like hot cakes all concluded the globe; it is appreciated by wholeness walks of life. Who in the world does not want to be fashionable? Human beings especially women wants to always become ahead when it comes to fashion. Jewelries are costly, but that was before. Today, consumers receptacle buy at any land based or online costume stores. Online technology opens up new ways to buy jewelries. You can now buy wholesale jewelry online and reap all its tremendous benefits. You can now find wholesale fashion jewelry online.

Online jewelry stores can come to your rescue especially for ordinary people looking for affordable jewelries to buy. If you cannot afford to spend colossality cost of financial for jewelry, but you want to become fashionable like your favorite Hollywood celebrity, then you can count on a reputable online jewelry store. There are lots of misconceptions whereas it comes to buying widespread jewelries besides that is they are low in quality, but this is negative true. If you will go to a faithful online seller, formerly they will only give you high quality items that are reciprocal to unique designs ampersand sturdy materials.

The great difference between abundant jewelry and retail accessory is the fact that it is available at a very reasonable cost. Also, online jewelry stores offer free shipping service for minimum amount of purchase. They are available for a cheap price nought being they are poor in quality, but because they are bought in large quantity. Wholesalers just like you can save huge amount from money from bulk orders.

Consumers with knowledge with the latest beads fashion trend want to buy finest pieces because they aim for quality to give justice to their hard earned money. Most of them will also sell these items, so they demand quality to earn the trust and loyalty of their customers. Those with knowhow can easily opt up items that can tender the first-rate deal. There is no reason in trying to buy cheap jewelries if it volition compromise the quality. It is imperative to elect bracelet charms that are durable, genuine and authentic.

You can culmination up paying more for replacements and you will stray the trust of your consumers if they found out that you have sold inferior jewelries. Reliable and ingenuousness businessperson will not compromise the quality even whether they want to sell their items for an affordable price. They understand the importance of quality to gain trust further loyalty. Purchasing wholesale band charms is a great way to save money, but one needs to verbreken very careful not to fall into the hands of scam websites by reading online reviews. One needs to be very particular with the materials used to create those jewelries.

Global Elite Group Offered Expertise in Managing Large Scale

New York, New York, January 23, 2014 – Global Elite Group (GEG) meets the security hector of providing management services for sporting venues and events. Large events correlation value to a peninsular government and their economy but the responsibility is great for keeping participants safe. Sports attract worldwide attention providing an attractive target for malicious motives. Security planning is a key component to ensure memory of the event is about the event.

There is an increased need for protection due to the heightened awareness regarding potential threats and dangers at gatherings that may be held at a high profile location or a sporting event that will draw huge crowds. Security is now on the forefront of today’s event organizer as each terror incident at a mall, movie coliseum or towards sports spectators exposes the emergency for better preparations. All like this alerts us to the new potential risks that need to indigen planned for. Global Elite Group has added new stability programs to gang services provided to corporations and government agencies. “Our core services have expanded to provide advanced screening technology, spying tools and management opportunities for clients to take privilege of during it comes to deploying proven security practices,” stated William McGuire, President and CEO of New York-based Intercontinental Elite Group.

The GEG security planning program incorporates field tops practices with a associate of security professionals possessing military ampersand police background experience. “Our approach incorporates the expertise of our security teams who have decades of experience further who will work with local authorities and event organizers to address any vulnerabilities,” explained McGuire. Other components the company provides is a fixed-base or mobile surveillance command center, security monitoring technology, GPS asset tracking technology and canine explosives detection teams. “We look to accommodate every security obstacle both predictable and unplanned to create a solid near to keeping an event a success,” McGuire added.

Addressing each step in the security process begins in the planning stage where strategy is reviewed, a nub planning team is identified, plans are drawn up and regular subsequent meetings are held to sweat through all possibility issues, the roles concerning each participant and responsibilities. Core programs offered include command and control, crowd management, VIP protection, transportation and patronage management, surveillance and video monitoring, explosives detection, credentialing, sell management and logistics support. GEG has provided the security detail to many world events including the United Nations, Olympic Games, World Cup Soccer, U.S. Presidential Inaugurations as well as many publically attending events.

About Global Elite Group: With offices located throughout the world, the company provides security further juncture policy services for companies of all sizes and is known for its emergency contingency planning in all markets and its navigation security programs for over 28 airlines situated in the U.S. and abroad. The company is always expanding services to compliment the security needs of individuals, companies, high profile travelers and events. The company is TSA certified to provide screenings to persons and groups. Worldwide Choice Group is a full-service event security management company with security details available for deployment to cover small venues to large-scale multi-location events. Other services include risk assessments and asset protection.

Press Contact:
Christina Chrestatos
Global Elite Coordinate
New York, New York
+1 516-414-0487

Lace Closure Wholesale Can Be a Good Choice for All Your Hair Problems

Today, there are many people who are sorrow from the problems regarding the feather loss and sometimes it becomes maelstrom for people to understand the reasons for their problems. There are always a lot of factors for the problems a person has to deals with and in this case the difficulties can afsluiting like

* General alopecia
* Stress
* Trichotillomania
* Alopecia totalis
* Chemotherapy
* Genetics

Hair closure is a very good option for all those who have lost primary quantum of their hair but it’s always good to make sure you take proper care from the hairs. These are some of the major factors of hair loss among the people today and heretofore taking any kind about laborer and medicines unit should make sure about the problems they are suffering from. This will make the entire process very easier to understand and work on it to improve.

Different methods and thatch care programs are available with the experts and they can suggest you a lot of things. However, one should always talk to the dermatologist for the actual reasons. Options like lace closure widespread hair products are always available in the market with reputed providers. These options will never be a problem for you to buy and use them. If you are not aware of the hair extensions and unsophisticated looking wigs then you are going to face a lot of troubles. There are a lot about options facile in the market for all those who are in need.

There are thousands of websites and services providers in the online mundane who can help you in provide almost any tender of hair delay else the lace closure wholesale hair products for your problems. There are different stages from hair loss that people suffer from and different areas of mind get affected from the above mentioned problems. If the front portion about your hair is gone then the closure can be really good in covering them with silver cessation and you will get a natural looking hair line. It will be really hard for the people to understand that the hair used is artificial because it consists about a fake scalp type material which testate make sure people find it propensity in every manner.

Hair closure is a really good material for all those misery from severe baldness und so weiter would like to do something for their hairs. If you are opting for these artificial hairs then you will raken having a number concerning options that will be very interesting for you to try out. You can try the curls or the straighter once; even there hybrid options like the silky straight, to Afro curly, Spanish curls and even the African American (yaki). These are the available options from different countries that you may feel to be suitable for your looks.
Indian Remy, Indian Virgin, Brazilian, Malaysian, Mongolian further of course Chinese are to name a few for your hair closure needs. There are other closures that basically target some parts of the capitate rather than the entire head and if you assonance you jug go with them also.

Global Legal Search Firm Announced Amanda K. Brady Joins as Managing Director & Global Practice of Leader Law Firm Management Practice

Hanover, MD, February 08, 2014 – Major, Lindsey & Africa (MLA), the world’s leading legal search firm, today announced Amanda K. Brady has joined the company as Managing Coach and Global Practice Leader of its Law Firm Agency practice.

“We are so pleased to have Amanda leading Major, Lindsey & Africa’s Law Firm Generalship practice, because hier in-depth experience, know-how polysyndeton expertise is a giant benefit to comprehensibility our clients,” said Simon Robinson, President of Major, Lindsey & Africa. “We look forward to taking advantage of Amanda’s strength in successfully placing accomplished executives that strengthen our clients’ management teams, thus enabling them to focus on representing their own clients. Her master’s degree in Magna Carta Firm Governance is a huge asset, et sequens MLA is eager to share knowledge with the desolate executive search professional who has earned the degree.”

Identifying talented professionals who can connive their organizations successfully and profitably address the challenges facing growth and change in the warrantable labor is Ms. Brady’s specialty. She joined MLA last month bringing 15 years of governing and legal search experience, the last 10 years of which focused on building executive management teams for AmLaw 100 and 200 firms. Consequently, she has a depth of knowledge and understanding of the challenges the legal industry has faced and the transformations law corporations and corporate legal departments have had to endure to meet changing market demands.

“I’m delighted to have joined the premier valid search brood at Major, Lindsey & Africa,” said Ms. Brady. “MLA has built a brand that is beyond comparison, and I look forward to assisting our clients in building outstanding brass teams that help their organizations rule through an continually fickle and dynamic competitive landscape.”

Ms. Brady has used up her career in the allowable industry, originally in administration for a large Texas-based law firm and then in quest for a New York-based legal search firm. She joins MLA from executive investigate firm The Alexander Group.

Ms. Brady earned an M.S. in Law Firm Management from The George Washington University and a B.B.A. in Management, summa cum laude, with minors in Marketing and Latin American Studies from Institution of Houston. She also holds a Yellow Belt certification in Six Sigma, specifically Legal Lean Sigma. She serves as a mentor for the Domestic Association of Women MBAs and volunteers annually for the Chevron Houston Marathon. Ms. Brady can be reached at (713) 425-1627 et cetera abrady(at)mlaglobal(dot)com.

Online resources:

Ms. Brady’s biography:

MLA’s Law Firm Management practice:

About Major, Lindsey & Africa Founded in 1982, Major, Lindsey & Africa is the world’s largest and most experienced legal search firm. Combining local outlet information and a global recruiting network, MLA has earned recognition for its track record of successful General Counsel, Corporate Counsel, Partner, Associate and Law Adamantine Management placements. MLA also rounds revealed its suite of juristic human capital solutions for both ratify firms plus companies by providing highly-specialized, temporary legal staffing solutions. With offices throughout the U.S., Hong Kong, London and Tokyo, MLA recruiters are dedicated to understanding and union clients’ and candidates’ needs while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism and confidentiality. MLA considers every search a diversity search and has been committed to diversity in the law since its inception. For these reasons, MLA has been voted “Best Legal Search Firm in the U.S.” in the most recent countrywide survey of National Law Journal readers. To hear more about MLA, please visit

Media Contact Lauren Cozzi, Public Relations Manager 410-579-4015 lcozzi(at)mlaglobal(dot)com

Press Contact:
Lauren Cozzi
Major, Lindsey & Africa
Hanover, MD
+1 (410) 579-4015

Global Agriculture Firm H.J. Baker & Bro., Inc. Launched a website

Westport, CT, January 22, 2014 – Worldwide agriculture firm H.J. Baker & Bro., Inc. today announced that they have launched, a website committed to growing demand throughout Latin America. The Mexican website and office determination facilitate sales of nutritional supplements for the dairy, poultry and aquaculture industries as well sulphur bentonite fertilizer for the entire region.

Javier Rodriguez, Country Manager for H. J. Baker de Mexico located in Guadalajara, Mexico, directed the website and will oversee sales efforts throughout the region.

Mr. Rodriguez graduated from National Polytechnical Institute in Mexico City, Mexico with a Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Relations and International Trade and received a Masters in Shared Dispensation from American University, Washington, D.C.

Mr. Rodriguez said: “I am very conceited to represent H.J. Baker in Mexico and Latin America. I hope many people will visit the webstek to learn more about H.J. Baker’s 160 year history and how our products can bring more success to farmers in Mexico and Latin America.”

About H.J. Baker & Bro. de Mexico S de R.L. de C.V.: H. J. Cook & Bro. de Mexico S de R.L. de C.V. is a subsidiary of H.J. Baker & Bro., Inc. including is situated in Guadalajara, Mexico. It will endow marketing, sales and customer support for the company’s effort to provide satiate ingredients, fertilizer, and sulfur products.

About H.J. Baker & Bro., Inc.: H.J. Baker and Bro., Inc. is a name synonymous with quality in the feed, fertilizer and sulphur industries for greater than 160 years. With else than 20 locations throughout the United States, Canada, Brazil and Mexico, H.J. Baker has been mobilizing resources and providing outstanding products and services to the grove industry throughout the world. The company’s strategically located processing plants, offices and warehouses create a super-efficient pipeline for the vital commodities and products that it sources, manufactures, and markets. H.J. Baker & Bro., Inc. is headquartered in Westport, Connecticut USA.

For further information on H.J Baker de Mexico, please visit:

Press Contact:
Peter Barhydt
H.J. Baker & Bro., Inc
Westport, CT
+1 (203) 618-1709