GCL states Better Customer Experience, Personalization and Global Growth All Keys to Continued Ecommerce Expansion

Norwalk, CT, February 10, 2014 – Merchants are meeting customer demand by focusing more on creating a better customer experience, according to e-commerce further catalog operations experts who are ondersteuning Multichannel Merchant’s 2014 Operations Summit, which will take situ in Indianapolis, IN, on April 22-24, 2014. The Operations Summit helps merchants boost productivity, cut costs and increase customer fulfillment by providing a gathering place for operations leaders to exchange ideas, tour leading direct to consumer (DTC) distribution centers et cetera get in-depth training on topics compatible how to prepare for the 2014 holiday season.

These days, this frequently means creating an improved “omnichannel” experience. Whether they are mobile show rooming, ordering online with in-store pickup, returning an online purchase to the store, and current contact center or communicating amidst a merchant via live chat or social media, these new multichannel customers demand a great seamless experience, according a 2013 report via the Aberdeen Group.

“If we learned anything from this past villa season it’s that consumers are continuing to blur the lines between shopping channels and expect nothing less than a seamless shopping et al service experience,” said Andy Lloyd, GM of Commerce Products for NetSuite. “Meeting the expectations to buy anywhere ampersand get anywhere involves a single, integrated hypothesis that can provide a 360-degree view of the customer and inventory across all channels, in real-time. Delivering this seamless shopping behold is what’s going to drive success in 2014.”

As consumers become savvier including demand more from merchants, the merchant who is best able to personalize the shopping experience will deceive a better chance concerning success in 2014. In the report, “10 Trends Changing How You Will Shop in 2014,” The Fiscal Times says that the tendency is not only toward personalizing the shopping experience, but also personalizing the actual merchandise. So in addition to merchants personalizing their messaging and media, they choice also opheffen taking advantage of new technology that allows them to do mass customization of such products as cell phones and sneakers. .

“One like the biggest trends we saw among our clients during this holiday season was the increased customer demand for personalization services,” says Matt Konkle, President of e-commerce and fulfillment company Fifth Gear. “Embroidery, engraving, and other customized options not only drove major revenue in Q4 2013, but also had a positive impact on retailers’ pelanggan satisfaction levels. We’ve seen this trend go on over into 2014 and fully expect personalization to become a mainstay in retailers’ operations for the foreseeable future.”

Asian direct-to-customer fulfillment organizations will come on strong in 2014

Another trend is the increasing globalization of operations and fulfillment, making automation and other cost-reducing measures extra important than ever. Surprisingly, the labor and shipping economics are starting to work to enable online retailers including third-party order fulfillment centers in Asia to ship products to the U.S. and still be profitable. In 2013, consumers who purchased products online from various companies situated in the U.S. may contain bot surprised to receive them from an order materialization basic located somewhere in Asia. Merchants in the U.S. need to protect their brand, says Ken Myers, Director, Tension Packaging & Automation, which designs, builds, and integrates automation solutions for order fulfillment centers. “Merchants should reduce their labor and shipping costs per crate in 2014 by looking for ways to be more efficient and automate their operations here in the U.S. if it makes sense.”

For merchants doing cause globally, understanding transit patterns in different countries is vital in order to meet shipping commitments. “The most critical aspects of meeting transit time commitments for international shipping is helping to ensure that your freight forwarding network has sufficient capacity to handle spikes in volume, and having robust mitigation plans in place to handle any contingencies,” said Michael Lamia, Vice President of Global Network Operations, E-commerce at Pitney Bowes Inc. “During the 2013 vacation season, we planned ahead with freight forwarders months in advance, closely monitored hierarchy trends, and collaborated with air freight suppliers, customs brokers and final mile carriers throughout the process thus we could successfully meet service-level agreements.”

Operations Summit attendees can deem more insights like these at the April event. Learn more here: http://www.operationssummit.com.

About the Operations Summit The Operations Summit (http://www.operationssummit.com) helps merchants upgrade productivity, cut costs and increase customer satisfaction by providing a gathering place for operations leaders to network ideas, tour unparalleled DTC distribution centers and get in-depth training. It is the nothing but conference exclusively devoted to e-commerce and catalog direct-to-customer operations and fulfillment. The conference covers Warehouse, Alphabetical Management, Picking, Packing & Packaging, Reverse Logistics, Inventory Management, Shipping, Distribution & Delivery, Technology, IT & Systems Integration, Transportation, Customer Service, Call & Contact Center, HR/Workforce Management and Payment Processing & Fraud Prevention.

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