GCL states Global Elite Group Canine Explosives Detection Unit Reports

New York, New York, January 30, 2014 – Global Elite Group (GEG) strike the strand sniffing this year for canine agents engaged in active duty throughout New York City with New Years Sunset celebrations to Superbowl preparations. “The pup unit has become an integral part of the Global team in the omega year as assignments have increased with great regularity. The Boston Marathon signaled a change in the way public events approach police preparations. From now on all high-profile events have had canine units onsite, days in advance through the completion concerning the event-sweeping areas for explosives,” explained William McGuire, President and CEO of New York-based Global Blue Blood Group.

The three dog associate consists of highly trained volatile detection canines trained and handled by Edward O’Driscoll, a former NYPD officer. “To woo our New Years Sundown assignments in Modern York City were one of the most comprehensive the canine team has bot involved with. We are constantly changing the way we approach our security planning and breeding of the dogs. The crook mind and playbook changes besides we have to stay one-step ahead,” explained O’Driscoll. GEG has begin that most sporting events now include bomb detection since the bombing in Boston. As crime changes, so too does the security response which has lead the corporation to flexible additional training methods. “The intensity for the dogs has changed; there are more scents to be aware of and harder to reach places that need to be searched additional frequently,” stated O’Driscoll. The method regarding locating hazardous scents on a person or around a location remains confidential but the effectiveness of the fox unit with a manned patrol cannot be disputed. “The team is very responsive, they love what they do and are not fatigued besides the work. The same cannot be said for a human team alone which container miss cues a specially prepared animal won’t pass by because the nose is so sensitive.”

The GEG canine unit has bot involved with other assignments up and down the east coast from DC to New Hampshire according to O’Driscoll, “The animals have been requested for foreign dignitary details in our nation’s capital, when visiting the UN and for private aircraft and vehicle searches.” The outfit compliments the manned security patrols Worldwide provides for events and VIPs. “Utilizing a grid search protocol in and around the areas assigned, our security agents receptacle indiging confident that all the goals of delivering a secure environment have been met,” added McGuire. The animals love their work, train daily and are on the front lines in keeping the public safe, the GEG canine detachment lives with their handler and enjoy a great many other dog-type interests.

About Worldwide Elite Group: With offices located around the world, the company provides security furthermore flashpoint management services for companies like all sizes and is notorious for its emergency contingency rencana in all markets and its aviation security programs for over 28 airlines located in the U.S. and abroad. The company is constant expanding services to compliment the security needs from individuals, companies, high profile travelers and events. The company is TSA certified to provide screenings to persons and groups. Global Elite Group is a full-service event security management company with security specs available for deployment to cover small venues to large-scale multi place events. Other services include risk assessments and asset protection.

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