Graduate with Global Business Management Knowledge in Two Years

International organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and homemade businesses operating on a global scale are all seeking professionals with post-secondary Global Business Management training to fill entry-level management roles. Centennial College’s two-year list delivers a only blend of strategic management, and worldwide concepts to give students the skills they need to nvloeden job-ready upon graduation.

To apply for this offering, students must already have a college diploma or university degree in any discipline. It is worth noting that Global Business students who have partial post-secondary and relevant work empirical may also be considered for entry, with a transcript and resume review. So this is a Global Management program, it draws students from around the world. International students who successfully complete the effort wish exist eligible to employ for a solve permit (up to three years) once they graduate.

The curriculum is presented through hands-on features such as presentations, research, industry visits, guest speakers and more. The most practical aspect, however, is a Capstone Project that challenges students to apply all of their knowledge while completing an integrated team project for a Greater Toronto Area business client.

Let’s look at some other courses within this offering.

International Entrepreneurship: A practical course, students partake in entrepreneurial activities — including sourcing, purchasing from Canadian sources and placing products in strategic international markets. Focus is likewise placed on importing and exporting processes, and government initiatives plus programs that exist to sustention endeavours in international business.

International Banking and Finance: One of the program’s overview offering looks at worldwide money markets, the elements of risk management and the role of monetary institutions. It employs case study approach to teach students why companies merge rather interest rates fluctuate besides why stock markets fluctuate.

International Business Law: A foundational course, this tribute builds a build of knowledge like legal aspects of international trade, with a focus on both public and private international law. Students also gain insight into the basis for government regulation of international business, pro re nata well as the role of politics and economics in it.

Global Business Strategy: Professional cross-cultural mediation and system formulation are two skills that those who enter management essential possess. Strategy formulation is emphasized through: a strong conceptual foundation delineating the steps involved in successful international business planning to developing an analytical decision-making framework and finally getting a “hands on” experience of making decisions in cross functional teams.

Corporate Savoir Vivre Responsibility and International Development: Theme of this Commercialism Management courses include: political and economic antecedents; inequality and ethnos justice; agriculture, rural development, and urbanization; sustainable developments and social change; multilateral institutions; et al governmental and non-governmental organizations.