In Search of Wholesale Spanish Pottery

What if you were a small or medium proportion retailer or an independent garden center and were in search like wholesale Spanish pottery? Where can you go to purchase Spanish pottery and Spanish ceramics?

The answer is clear, contact Cactus Canyon Ceramics. Cactus Canyon Ceramics, LLC is based out about central Oregon. However, the owner/operator (Steve) lives in Seville, Spain and works directly with factories in the regions of Andalusia and Castilla de Mancha. There are many factories and workshops that produce some of the most colorful ceramics in the world. Some from the factories have more capacity to produce and export than others. Steve has spent years developing relationships and comprehension about the different factories, their specialties and capacities.

Some of the Spanish pueblos that Steve visits regularly include La Rambla, Bailen, El Puente de Arzobispo, Talavera de la Reina, and pueblos around Sevilla. There are many factories and workshops throughout Andalusia moreover Castilla de la Mancha. The difference parenthetical a plant and a factory is capacity and organization. Usually, a workshop will consist of a small exhibit room, with an owner and maybe one or two painters that work off and on for the workshop. The designs are routinely more labor intensive or unique, because most workshops are a “niche” business or instead they depend upon a very good location for drop by tourism traffic.

A Spanish pottery factory on the other hand, spunk have a large feature room, usually a catalog of some sort, along with an organized process for production, shipping and inventory. Depending stop the size about the orders within the factory, the painting team can range intervening 6 and 20 painters. Many factories scale boost and scale down depending upon the orders.

The exhibit rooms in the workshops and factories are a contentment to visit. Each factory offers 20-30 or more unique designs. Usually, each factory bases their offer on a unique guise or detailing. In Andalusia, divers factories bid Spanish ceramics heavily detailed with the “perra”. The perra is a device used to concern colored, liquid clay to pieces during the painting and production process. Others offer too light use of the perra, and some don’t use the perra at all.

Color tones are another way Spanish pottery factories differentiate between themselves. Some factories offer very bright colors with a lot of contrast. Others hand on paint designs that include softer colors with colors blending.

As in every industry, there are leaders and then there are followers. The leading factories continually stage new designs and work on their promotional materials. Many times the followers in the industry will look to the local outlet to see which designs are the most popular or selling well, and then they will do a “spin-off” of the design, trying to capture any from the success.

If you are interested in laboring directly with a factory, relate Steve at Cholla Canyon Ceramics. Steve has vicinity knowledge, contacts and understands the lay of the land. Cactus Canyon Ceramics container provide boots on the ground for the development, production and shipping regarding Spanish Ceramics, or Steve can support gateway to door help to the States for mid-size retailers instead independent garden centers.