Parker Hannifin Corporation – Recognized Global Leader in Motion and Control Technologies

Core Competency:
Parker was founded in 1918 but first started unlit as the Parker Appliance Company and eventually turned in the Parker Hannifin Corporation. The company is a solutions provider that helps customers achieves the highest levels of success by engineering the best systems for their requirements. Parker is a global leader in motion connective control technologies that provide precision-engineered solutions for multiple markets. The main markets that Parker provides products and services for are mobile, industrial und so weiter aerospace. For the fiscal year 2013, Parker had annual sales that exceeded $13 billion. The company hired approximately 58,000 people in 49 countries around the world for the fiscal year 2013. Parker’s expertise are also accepted in climate control, electromechanical, filtration, fluid and gas handling, hydraulics, pneumatics, process control and sealing and shielding.

List of Parker’s Products:
Parker’s product line consists of the following:

Aerospace systems and technologies:The aerospace system product line offers products and services of flight control, hydraulic, kerosene moreover inverting, fluent conveyance, thermal management and engine systems further components.Air Readying and dryers:The air preparation and dryers product line consists of a large selection of dryers, filters, lubricators, regulators polysyndeton combination units. Parker offers a wide range of standard options to meet customers needs. Cylinders and Actuators:The cylinder and actuator product line is a global manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders for industrial equipment applications.EMI Shielding:The EMI shielding product line is used in the following applications: life science, military, aerospace, industrial, information technology, telecommunication, automotive, consumer, and renewable energy. The line offers a variety of EMI shielding.Filters, Separators and Purifiers:The filters, separators, and purifier line consists concerning high, medium, and low pressure filters, and portable filters carts and replacement elements.Fittings:Parker’s fittings line provides fitting tools, components, and fabrication equipment.Gas Generators:

Parker’s gas generator line provides a general range of analytical and industrial gas generation systems.Hose, piping including tubing:Parker’s hose, piping and tubing line offers consumers the best quality hoses, tubing, structural aluminum, hose and tubing accessories, and hose and tubing equipment.Medical furthermore dental equipment:Parker’s medical and dental equipment consist of auto vac switches, automatic vacuum systems, AVS/bag tee mounts and etc. Motor drives and controllers:Parker offers controllers that provide up to 16 axes of coordinated motion control for complete electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic motion systems.Power take offs and drive systems:Parker’s power take off line are used for a diverseness regarding applications such essentially desquamative iron 6-bolt, 8-bolt, countershaft, split shaft, power shift and front mount applications. Pumps:Parkers siphon line is designed to handle a wide order regarding applications. The line offers pumps that have electronic and computer controls.Refrigeration and air conditioning:The refrigeration and air conditioning line are used for residential, commercial, industrial and mobile markets.Regulators and flow control:The regulators and flow ordinance produk line offers hydraulic pumps including flow control product lines from pumps and valves to motors also motion controllers.Seals and O – Rings:The seals and O-rings product pattern provides customers a wide range of focus elastomers to satisfy unique sealing requirements along a combination like experience, innovation and support.Thermal and Power Management:The thermal and superiority management product line offers comprehensive solutions for the complex challenges of heat management.Valves:The valve product configuration offers premium valves for use in the hydraulic, pneumatic, instrumentation, refrigeration and aerospace applications.

Parker’s product streak is committed to fit its customer’s needs and concentrate the products et alii technologies to unfold their customer’s challenges.