Kilmann Diagnostics Announced a New Global Alliance with Fellipelli in Brazil

Newport Coast, CA, February 07, 2014 – Kilmann Diagnostics (KD) has recently entered into a long-term agreement accompanying Fellipelli, with offices in São Paulo besides Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in order to translate KD’s online courses and assessment tools into Portuguese and Spanish. Fellipelli capricious then be the sole distributor of these translated e-learning materials for all Portuguese and Spanish-speaking countries throughout the world. These recorded courses include: BASIC Training and GROUP Training in Conflict Management, The TKI Package for Conflict Management, and The Complete Program of All Our Online Courses.

Dr. Kilmann, CEO and Senior Consultant of KD, expressed his rapture about this new global alliance: “For many years, Fellipelli has been making excellent use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) also the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) throughout South America. Fellipelli also provides training programs and consulting services for their clients. As such, Fellipelli has once traditional a very strong presence throughout South America and is therefore in the highlight position to translate and then distribute all our e-learning materials to their current and future clients. It’s a win/win partnership for Kilmann Diagnostics and Fellipelli.”

Dr. Kilmann was able to witness, first hand, Fellipelli’s dedication to the highest professional standards. In May 2013, he presented several all-day workshops on conflict management and change management in both São Paulo also Rio de Janeiro. Fellipelli translated more than 100 of Dr. Kilmann’s full-color slides and he was also efficient to observe the actual prepare by which Fellipelli marketed and coordinated his several workshops for their Brazilian clients. How well did Fellipelli perform these activities? Dr. Kilmann had this to say about his experience: “Fellipelli is a super company. They exceeded my too high expectations in translating my materials including arranging my workshops for their top clients. Adriana Fellipelli is a great businesswoman, a dedicated professional, and an active learner. Aggregate was handled perfectly! While in Brazil, Adriana and I had a few unplanned industrialism discussions that spontaneously led to one obvious conclusion: ‘We were destined to work together!’ That indeed turned out to be the case.”


Fellipelli’s mission is to foster human development in professional and personal arenas by offering diagnostic tools and effective solutions to promote awareness, personal growth, and organizational success. Fellipelli was responsible for bringing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI), and other diagnostic assessments to South America. Now Fellipelli will bring recorded online courses on conflict management polysyndeton change management to the rapidly developing economies in South and Medial America. Visit: Fellipelli.


Since 2009, the mission of Kilmann Diagnostics is to resolve conflict throughout the world by providing online courses with the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) and other assessment tools. KD partners with global associates in sequacious to provide all its course materials in the local glottology of international customers. Visit: Kilmann Diagnostics.

Press Contact:
Ralph H. Kilmann
Newport Coast, CA
+1 (949) 497-8766