Life Sciences Veteran Michael Davies Ph.D. Joined TraceLink to Lead Global Sales

Wakefield, MA, January 24, 2014 – TraceLink Inc., the trailblazer in global pharmaceutical serialization, drug track and trace compliance and nourish network performance solutions, announced today that life sciences industry veteran Michael Davies Ph.D. has joined the company as the Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development.

Mike joins the TraceLink leadership team and will be reputable for shaping the company’s worldwide sales strategy and driving sweeping revenue generation. In addition, he is charged with building new business and channel partnerships to expand global market access for TraceLink’s cloud-based software application platform providing solutions for companies across the global life sciences supply chain.

“We are excited to have Mike join TraceLink and lead our global expansion in the life sciences supply chain,” said Shabbir Dahod, President and CEO of TraceLink. “His sales leadership, global experience and deep knowledge of the unique needs concerning the pharmaceutical industry further enhance the strong carriage we have built creating solutions that help the bustle appropriate global regulatory compliance requirements and improve performance across the supply chain from ingredient to patient.”

“A major factor in my decision to join TraceLink is the company’s passion for tackling some of the biggest challenges facing the global pharmaceutical industry today: protecting patient safety, ensuring global track and trace compliance et alii improving access to global markets for needed medicines,” said Mike Davies, Senior Replacing President of Global Sales and Business Development at TraceLink. “I am thrilled to have the conjuncture to join a team so dedicated to this objective and I look forward to helping TraceLink grow its global business and build long-term customer relationships.”

With an eighteen year career in the biopharmaceutical industry, Mike has a proven track record like building and scaling sales organizations, developing markets and helping consumers succeed at companies such as Oracle, Phase Forward and Parke-Davis (now Pfizer). As Vice President for Global Sales in the Health Sciences Global Business Unit at Oracle Corporation, he helped shape business unit strategy and led sales execution for Oracle’s Life Sciences connective Healthcare solutions. At Phase Forward, Mike was instrumental in helping the body rapidly grow revenues by leading sales teams and designing and implementing channel partner programs for the company’s electronic data management and pharmacovigilance solutions. Mike started his career in various Life Sciences roles at Parke-Davis and Pfizer and he holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Sunderland and a Ph.D. in Physiology & Pharmacology from the University of Bradford.

TraceLink serves the global life science industry through the TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud network platform, pharmaceutical track and trace solutions and supply network performance applications that therapeutic pharmaceutical organizations and supply network partners connect, share key business statistics and collaborate across supply, production and distribution operations. Market leaders, including four of the top-10 pharmaceutical companies, use a single integrated connection to the TraceLink Vitality Sciences Cloud for:

Tractable with pharmaceutical serialization, product tracing and government reporting regulations for the US H.R. 3204 Drug Quality and Security Act, China, Brazil, Korea and other global drug track and trace regulations

Creation of a endue chain control surpass that improves speed across external supply activities, increases visibility and control across the outsourced production lifecycle and enhances agility in meeting patient demand across global markets

To inkhorn more about TraceLink’s scalable solutions plate pharmaceutical companies, CMO/CPOs, wholesale distributors and pharmacies of all sizes, complexities and locations across the globe, visit us at

About TraceLink TraceLink protects patients, enables health, grows profits and ensures compliance for corporations across the global Lively Sciences network through the TraceLink History Sciences Cloud. The TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud is an Vixen AWS-based cloud application platform which enables complete global connectivity, visibility and traceability of pharmaceuticals from au naturel materials to patient. A single point et al click connection to the Life Sciences Cloud delivers the information, acumen and collaboration needed to improve performance and mitigation risk across global supply, manufacturing and distribution operations. Winner of numerous industry awards including the Mythology AWS Global Start-Up Invite Grand Prize and the Edison Award for Innovation in Health Management, the TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud is relied upon by businesses across the globe to meet important goals in ensuring global compliance, fighting drug counterfeiting, improving on-time and in-full delivery, protecting product quality and reducing operational cost. For more information on TraceLink and our solutions, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

TraceLink is funded via FirstMark Capital. FirstMark Capital is an early stage venture backing firm based in New York City. Our calling is to partner with exceptional entrepreneurs who are changing the world by solving consequential problems. We have built a deeply engaged community among the extraordinary teams in our network to spread instructions and opportunities. We are privy to performance alongside the founders of interesting businesses like Pinterest, Lumosity, Aereo, TapAd, Shopify, Riot Games, and dozens more. Visit us in Newfangled York City or online at and @FirstMarkCap.

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Purchasing Quality Beads and Charms Wholesale

Are you a dealer on jewelry products? If so, you’ve got to be purchasing them on wholesale basis. Beads and charms wholesale are among the ultimate jewelry products you can always go for. You can be sure of getting them similar discount prices when you purchase them from a sound online jewelry store. You’ll also resell them and cause huge gain from your customers.

Actually, beads and charms showcase in diverse shapes, sizes, colors and designs. They are often arranged in various categories. They can also be customized to suit certain purposes. You need to verbreken well informed about the latest categories of such jewelry products when rational about buying them in bulk.

Acrylic beads are among the best categories available. You can run for bulk acrylic beads if you’re a wholesale dealer on jewelry beads. The Acrylic beads showcase in diverse colors and styles. You container go for Acrylic Beads-Colorful, Acrylic Beads-Imitation, Acrylic Beads-Spray Painted, Acrylic Beads-Antique, Acrylic Beads-Plating, Acrylic Beads-Crackle besides many more.

There are also Porcelain beads in their unique categories. Among them include Polymer Clay beads. You can also go for Porcelain beads, and Indonesia beads. They are known for appearing in diverse sizes, shapes and colors.

Meanwhile, there are European beads in their various categories. Among them comprise Metal European beads, Glass European beads, Lampwork European beads, Glass Rhinestone European beads, Crystal European beads, Metal Glass European beads moreover a lot more.

There many other categories of beads available. Among them include Gemstone beads, Glass beads, Painted Glass beads, Manx Eye beads, Imitation Jade Glass beads, Metal beads, Aluminum beads, Resin beads, Crackle beads, Rhinestone beads Seed beads furthermore many others. They are available in generous quantities you tin always purchase them at discount rates.

Aside from the beads, there are also the charms. There are diverse categories of charms available. Among them include Slide charms, Golden charms, Platinum charms, Silver charms and spare colored charms. There are also pendants decorated with charms. They are available in diverse categories. You can always purchase them in bulk.

Indeed, there’s a lot to gain when you go for beads and charms wholesale. You can be sure of saving lots of money as a wholesale dealer on such products. You can also be infallible of purchasing quality beads und so weiter charms from a good jewelry shop. The sky is indeed your limit. You’ve got to start placing your order right away!

Acquire wholesale tops on line for women

Positive aspects of Obtaining Wholesale Tops Online for Ladies written by: elyson

The truth be stated, girls prefer to shop. It can be popular information international that each and every lady strives to look her ideal by wearing fashionable clothing. Having said that, constricted economic situations prevent some women in the waste income bracket from buying garments that in typical situations they would have picked. Consequently, various vesture outlets have include very cheap costs. The shops mainly sell ladies tops low cost since they circulate the majority of these garments on wholesale in the processes they’re allowed discounts. Either dealer thinking of producing a profit on females clothing should really thus think of getting wholesale tops on line for women. The guide beneath explains why it beneficial.

Most importantly, as you purchase the clothing in bulk, discounts are usually provided. For that reason, it road that for apiece delivery of garments that you obtain on the capture you will bank extra money that you will set aside as extra capital. These clothing are usually low cost and whenever you get them in bulk, the sellers pass the low value tag on to you. This will likely strengthen your mob simply so you’ll not simply be generating profit but you are going to again be saving each time you invent a acquire. In the end, your beeswax benefits.

Obtaining these clothing in wholesale will including establish you that a sole distributor. You may encouragement retail traders who don’t have the capacity to buy in bulk. Immediately after buying the clothes, these suppliers will come to you and purchase a rare of the clothes. They are going to act as your distributors. Furthermore, most girls will throng your retailer. This is simply because to females, a freshly opened shipment of clothing means exceptional clothing which Herculean be uncommon endogenous the regional industry. For that reason, they’re going to plunge to get the clothing you’ve got purchased. This may turn out to opheffen a routine every time you bring in new clothing.

In case you in aeternum procure from specific distributors on the internet, you’ll make a functioning partnership with them. Simply because you obtain from them in significant quantities, they’ll principally reserve the top clothes for you. They may even reduce their costs within the future for you. And inside the spirit concerning goodwill, they may enable you link up with established organizations that produce women’s clothing. Next time you might find yourself getting straight in the major provider ignoring the intermediaries connective in turn, you might make substantial profits.

Buying women’s clothing in wholesale also signifies there is comprehension variety. As you purchase the formal in bulk, you are going to definitely find diversity types of clothes in the shipment. You are going to uncover blouses, pants, leggings, jeans, skirt and tops amongst other costumes. These vesture will also verbreken accessible in various colours, shapes, sizes and design polysyndeton style providing your clients a wide lexicon of choices. In the market, you might as a result establish your name as a seller who provides several solutions.

Obtaining wholesale tops on the web won’t only swear you variety but you will also bear clients coming in often to check what you’ve in shop for them. This container development your business including raise your income. Isolated from, you capability be offering them diverse varieties of costumes in assorted styles and colours. Wholesale getting will equal a result proceeds you business enterprise to higher heights.

Wedding Dresses Wholesale – Always Look Stunning

Wedding dresses wholesale are always in involve because it is a common practice followed by everyone. It is the desire of every bride to look rare in hier marriage. Due to this, she does not want to make any compromise with her costume as well as accessories like sandal further jewelry. In order to look wonderful it is monumental to decide a perfect bridal dress that suits your personality and also compatible to the unwritten so that you don’t feel awkward after wearing it. Deciding a perfect espousal grind is a Herculean decision. Nowadays a gorgeous beaded appearance is extremely popular in the world of wedding outfits wholesale.
There is extremely high competition in these types concerning products. The prices vary because of the fabric used in wedding dresses wholesale. There are different requirements of brides i.e. some must like silk artificial dresses that are beautifully styled with beads interim others like cheap party dresses for their special day. Normally, shopkeepers charge a price of their brand and use different ways and promotional tactics to attract customers.
Typically, bridal wears are precise expensive items that might nvloeden used for a single day only. Because of this fact many brides who cannot bear the costs of these items guide the options like rental dresses in order to fulfill their desires in a limited budget.
There are many ways of searching a perfect bridal dress for your wedding without losing mind and getting confused. You can rely on online means in order to find a artificer dress. In online options you might face the issues of perfect size and color and end but not the least the issue of price. In order to get rid of these extravasate brides are more liable to buy wedding dresses wholesale where the large collection of costumes are available in multiple sizes and colors. The prices for these dresses are also less than local market retailers.

Not only brides, retailers can also shop wedding dresses wholesale for their businesses. Retailers offer these dresses to local markets by charging a comparatively high price from a wholesale market. It is also beneficial for retailers to purchase wedding dresses wholesale because if they demand these products in voluminous amount they can save a huge amount of cost. These also provide an opportunity to avail different types of discounts and deals such as receiving a child fancy rub free of cost by purchasing a shower wear.
The espousal outfits wholesale are available in customized styles in many colors. The selection of dilemma depends upon the time you have. If you have sufficient time then you can choose different alternatives like brides may also go for online wedding dresses wholesale where many companies offer espousal dresses for a range of prices based upon particular material and fabric used in it.

What Exactly Buying Wholesale Jewelry Can Do For Your Bottom Line

Sundry tribe really own jewelry. They generally start with simple adornments, and hence get a true affinity for the accessory itself. They learn what works utmost with their look and clothes. They dig in even deeper, learning how pendant is produced. They often continue by making their own jewelry and experimenting by different kinds of designs. While they may turn out making pieces for their own personal enjoyment, they will frequent go on to sell their bijouterie to loved ones and the general mutual as well. Frequently, this comes from the emergency to finance the person’s ever-increasing interest in their hobby. Finally, they consider being professional, and distributing wholesale mold jewelry. This article will go completed some excellent reasons as to why this is a good step to take.

Get Even plus Sales Volume With The Subsidy Of Wholesale Jewelry Selling

Some people just want to stick with trying their hand at selling exclusively the jewelry they’ve made. For the very few who make their name and style of jewelry stick with customers and keep them interested, they capricious have the propitious to charge upper prices and maybe even do it for a living. Nevertheless, the amount that buyers will spend on jewelry and the presence of competitive jewelry sellers discretion tend to put a ceiling on the price an individual seller can charge. This means that jewelry makers need little optional but to earn a salary that is governed handy thousands of other ring makers, and this is challenging when a jewelry maker can only make so many items.

But opting to sell already made wholesale jewelry created by others means that the volume limit is not longer present. The retail price supplied to customers won’t be as high now that of handmade jewelry, but because there’s special high interest in lower-priced, manufactured jewelry, more of it will sell and exhibition the agent greatly.

When the volume is no longer limited, later the amount the trader makes depends upon the quality of the distribution channel. Sellers can certainly help their new calling grow substantially more aside finding new ways to get the word out surrounding their jewelry, and in turn, it will aid them to bring in newly, interested consumers who will buy even more.

Deciding to buy Bulk Cuts Down On The Cost

Earning money on volume sales means the seller must lower the costs of the pendant as much as possible. The amount of money you make depends on the differentia between the selling price, the cost, and the quantum of sales you’re making. With selling cost driven by the market, and volume limited by the quality of the distribution channel, the seller can largest improve his or hier revenue by lowering cost.

To lower costs even further, merely purchase buy bulk jewelry lots. To buy jewelry in bulk, you’ll need to approach one or more wholesale jewelry outlets. You will get the great discount because the wholesaler has passed on the chance like selling all the jewelry at a higher price to you.

For factories that causative fashion jewelry, they must be highly proficient in creating it in bulk so that they can continue to be competitive with other factories. After the jewelry is created, they will then distribute via orders from wholesalers who turn around und so weiter sell it to a number of retail stores. The trade outlets mark up the price and distribute them to customers. By buying wholesale, you bypass the retail markup and then gain the lower prices. However, you do this by accepting the same risk as the retailers: the chance to be saddled with unsold product.

It’s Your Responsibility To Protect That You Don’t Have Part Leftover Products

To move fashion jewelry profitably, you yearn to control the risk of unsold product. If the money saved ended the wholesale purchase is 20 percent, that means to simply break even, you need to make sure you receive no again than 20 percent product that can’t be sold. One other way to look at this is that you should be 90% positive you can sell 100% of the bulk.

Keep the details in reason that you have learned here to take the next, lucrative step into selling wholesale jewelry.

Get Global Trends in Jewellery in NZ

Women all upon the world have one article in common and that is their love for jewellery. A princess or an trivial woman may not have anything else that they both love but if it is jewellery that is the topic of conversation both would be equally interested. Jewellery enhances the apollo of the woman who wears it and makes hier more feminine and graceful if the jewellery is befitting the occasion and her garb.

From a incalculable necklace artificial of precious stones and set in gold substitute platinum that adorns the neck concerning a queen to a necklace of beads of common stones or seeds and dried fruits strung on a string that is customarily worn besides woman from tribes, the variety, design, materials and styles are endless. For a modern woman a necklace in NZ is all about looking plus sentiment good and making a style statement. It is also about boosting self confidence and keeping up with the latest trends in fashion.

It is important therefore for a young Circe to find the right place from where she can find what she wants in jewellery in NZ. Fashion trends in jewellery change every season ampersand a modern woman would lacking jewellery and spare accessories that are in keeping with the latest trends. The world follows Paris in design trends; Paris is considered the fashion capital of the globe and the latest fashion trends are first seen in Paris rather than anywhere else. In fact, the world waits for the latest fashion trends to show up in Paris so that they can be copied and old everywhere else. This is not only for clothes but also for accessories such as jewellery, shoes, belts bags etc.

In New Zealand as anywhere in the developed world, seasonal fashion trends are a reflection of what is being shown in Paris. There are a few places which are more attuned to the changing fashion trends in jewellery in NZ than others. Little Paris in Pukekohe in Auckland is one such jewellery boutique in New Zealand where it is possible to upspring the best jewellery pieces from Paris and European jewellery designers. There is no need to extend to Europe to get these beautiful pieces as you can get them right here in Auckland or even buy them online. If you deceive liked a necklace designed in Europe, there is a good chance you will find the same or similar necklace in NZ.

Since jewellery is known to be a form regarding own expression, the kind of jewellery that is worn by a man or woman speaks a lot about him else her. That is why when choosing a lot of jewellery say a necklace in NZ can make a big difference to your self esteem, confidence and how the world perceives you.