Key Features of BRC Global Standard Certification

Key Features of BRC Global Standard Certification

A Single Level of Certification

The BRC Global Standards theme operates at one level of certification for quality and safety and provides clarity for producers and customers. Once initial introduced, the BRC theme operated at “Foundation” et al “Higher Level” to accommodate producers at completely different levels of quality and safety standards. Feedback advised that this created confusion and varied interpretation among producers and certification bodies and also the principle was troublesome to elucidate to potential customers. The present single unexcited of certification reduces this confusion and provides larger plainness for producers and their customers.

A Single Annual Audit

Based upon performance, the BRC Global Standards image typically needs one annual audit. An appendix half dozen monthly audit is just needed if the non-conformities at associate gradation audit exceed a particular level. This provides associate degree incitation for producers to conduct an efficient pre assessment and have the standards in situ to change them to perform well at audit, liberating resources to manage the business supervenient effectively.

Focus on Management Commitment and HACCP

The BRC Standard places a significant stress on Management Commitment and an in depth approach to HACCP because the cornerstones of an efficient Production Grade further Safety Management System. Feedback from BRC’s international network of food specialists including discussions plus CEO’s of BRC certified firms systematically determine these because the major elements in an exceedingly well managed quality and safety targeted company.

Detailed Requirements Aid Consistent Interpretation

The “Requirements” intrinsic the BRC Worldwide Standard square measure documents like BCR manual, procedures, templates, as well as BRC audit checklist. This is often designed to push consistent interpretation of the hallmark by auditors and implementation by producers, thereby enhancing confidence within the certification method.

Fundamental Requirements Drive Sustainable Standards

The BRC Global Standard identifies ten primary needs that square measure crucial to a property Quality and Cover Management System; they assist make sure the necessary practices square deliberate in situ to assist maintain standards of operation between audits.

Issue four incorporates the newest Thinking in Food Quality and Safety

Based on feedback from the international community, Issue four concerning the BRC global standard for Packaging and packaging materials, Food Asylum contains increased sections on difficulties with interest and concern to producers besides their customers like substance Management, website Security, and Foreign Body Management. The status has conjointly incorporated sections on Product style and client Focus to assist guarantee safety is made into the nouveau development method which the food safety and quality system is continually reviewed in line by client wants.

A Lattice for Global Supply Chains

The BRC operates a earthly Network of over eighty Certification Bodies operative in ninety countries. The availability the standard in fourteen languages assists food businesses to implement the quality throughout their standard production facilities also relevant worldwide nourish chains.

Unannounced Audits

Audits of producers against the BRC global standard square measure usually declared – therein a date for the audit is united before between the Certification Body and also the producer. For the primary time, Topic five from the BRC Global Standard for Cook Safety provides the picked for those producers World Health Organization square measure sufficiently assured in their food quality and safety systems to nominate for unpredicted audits in agreement with their appointed Certification Body. This is often entirely at the request of the producer however wouldn’t usually be undertaken cultivate the producer contains a sensible diary of performance with declared pre-arranged audits.